About Us

Chi Square Group is a dedicated recruitment partner for many of the world’s best-known organisations. We operate across 6 continents to ensure we can help our clients ranging from top-tier consulting firms to tech giants and start-ups.



We’re not just recruiters; we’re experts in our given markets and take the time to understand your business, your requirements, and the effect new hires can have.


A TrulyGlobal Reach

We understand that talent has a global reach, and that’s why we have clients and candidates across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Our international approach ensures we can provide recruitment solutions that suit your business, wherever you are located.


Access ToNiche Candidates

Clients engage with us on a contingency or retained basis, although as we get to know your business in greater detail our continuous presence in the market allows us to introduce candidates in a tailored way. You hear about the best available talent first.


Placing AtAll Levels

Our experience ranges from placing recent graduates from top universities, to helping attract those in leadership roles to open new offices around the world. We enjoy building teams and watching as our clients succeed.