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Founding Python Engineer

£70,000 - £100,000 plus equity
London, United Kingdom
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A growing ML tech start-up is looking for a Founding Python Engineer who will be building ML tools to automate mundane software engineering tasks, starting with dependency upgrades, in large codebases.

Key Benefits for Senior Python Engineer

  • Working on the latest cutting-edge customised ML technology and large codebases
  • This is a mission critical role, which directly impact the PNL
  • Intellectual freedom


The company offers an on-premises Kubernetes (K8s) service that integrates with clients’ Git repositories. This solution leverages a combination of machine learning and traditional algorithms to analyse build logs, manage large codebases with over 100,000 files, and edit source code efficiently. The service aims to significantly reduce the time engineers spend on dependency upgrades, freeing them to concentrate on developing new features and tackling challenging problems.

This role will initially involve close collaboration with the CTO. As the company expands, there will be opportunities to choose between a focus on hands-on development and a role in technical leadership.


The company is seeking a Senior Python programmer to join as a Founding Engineer. By “Senior”, this means someone with a proven track record of exceptional projects and successfully shipped products.

The ideal candidate will possess one or two of the following:

  • Experience with NLP/ML using PyTorch and Hugging Face
  • Experience building development tools
  • Front-end JavaScript programming experience

As a Founding Engineer, the candidate will have the technical freedom to prioritise the highest-impact tasks based on the business context. Here are some potential projects they might work on:

  • Packaging the tool for on-premises Kubernetes deployment
  • Designing and building the front-end interface for Cerebral
  • Creating LLM agents to automatically identify and edit problematic files in monorepos with over 100K source files
  • Fine-tuning LLMs on Java code
  • Building and leading a world-class team of software engineers

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